Trendy SEO techniques in 2017-18 to drive organic traffic

Fetching an infinite organic traffic is a nightmare. To get this nightmare true, some tactics and tricks made by the veteran software designers. These tactics can simply grab by anyone having a web presence.

Trendy SEO techniques are another title given to these tactics. Although, the SEO techniques have been used by many website owners for last numerous years. But the trendy SEO techniques launched in 2017-2018 will push your website to get a double organic traffic.

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To stretch your online business to a higher level, let’s adopt the following trendy SEO techniques revealed in 2017-2018:

1. Say welcome to a Social Advertizing

indulging in a social advertising such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms is still probably the budget-friendly track as compared to other platforms permitting you to influence the target audience with specific demographics and keywords.

Welcoming social advertising is work-saving and cognizant way to connect and interact with the target audience. Because choosing this track will permit you to spend only 40 minutes in a day to make your well-reputed.

2. Shift to a responsive website

In this technological era, a launch of new mobile phones has been ever trendy news. If your website is not mobile-friendly or responsible, don’t expect the highest ranking in the SEO search.

As per the recent survey, it has revealed that more than 61% of the target audience are switched off to a mobile site because they are facing troubles such low-loading pages, downtime, and other barriers that never let them log into the same site again.

To drive more organic traffic, make your website mobile-friendly. If you already have a responsive website, use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project will aid you to speed up your web page load time, hence more organic traffic .So prefer DigiWebTeleNetworks, which offers cheap rated SEO services in India.

3. Shake hand to ‘content marketing’

In simple words, content is the king of every website. But many of today’s online businesses are missing this significant part. Adopting content marketing is the best track to get informed to the target audience about your new or existing products and services.

Content marketing is a trendy SEO technique introduced with a purpose to get informed what sort of product you are offering rather than push to buy. It is titled as a tactic because once customers know the attractive features of a product, they themselves got influenced to grab it.

4. Speed up your website

Think twice how much it significant to speed up your website. If you are not able to open the home page of a website, how long you can stand in a queue to get your turn. In this same way, if a user is unable to open your site, I think, choosing another site is a good track he can follow rather than standing in a queue. And if he will get your competitor’s site opened within less than 2 seconds then why he would like to get back to your site.

A faster website will not only allow you to convert better but drag more organic traffic as well.

Apart from these, much more SEO techniques are standing in a queue but grabbing these four only will aid you to drive more organic traffic within a short span.
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