Tips to overcome bounce rate via SEO

Bounce rate in SEO

Bounce rate in SEO is the proportion or percentage of distinct page visits (or web sessions). It means a person winds up the website visit from the landing page itself without surfing any other info on the website. Google analytics determines and account the bounce rate of a web page as well as the bounce rate of a website.
In other words, visitors and customers who drop at the landing page bounce off; beforehand they even issue an opportunity to change them.

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What is actually a good bounce rate?

The range of good bounce rate can be explained as below

  • 1. 26 to 40 % is an excellent rate
  • 2. 41 to 55 % is the average rate
  • 3. 56 to 70 is higher than average
  • 4. Above 70% is disappointing
In simple words, the bounce rate is, the percentage of individuals leaves the web page than to wait and take a look at the website.

How search engine optimization cut reduce the bounce rate by?

One of the ways to escalate the conversion rate or to reduce the bounce rate is by ensuring additional landing pages. When you start to realize a high bounce rate on your landing pages, it’s an indication that the site and content marketing approach is requesting a thoughtful restructure.

The bounce rate is calculated as below :
Bounce rate of the website = Total number of bounces on a page/ total number of visits on the page (both in the same time frame)

List the Problems with Bounce Rate

There are many errors that are intrinsic in bounce rate as a performance metric. The website bounce rate is depended on a number of factors.

  • 1. Improve the content readability : One of the reasons that your aimed customers may leave your site due to the lack of readability. Consumer experience initiates when your text is clear, readable and understandable. Precisely, huge chunks of content worry the audience and they try to escape it to read. This develops in a higher bounce and faster withdrawal rate.
  • 2. Make your site easy to read : Once the visitor is attracted to your website headline it develops an interest in the content.
  • 3. The sort of audience you are fascinating : fascinating. Is the audience for your website precisely watching for your company, or are they watching for any information? People who know you well will bounce less than those who only come to for gathering information. You can make more income from recurring visitors for the reason that you have created a level of confidence with them.
  • 4. The base of your visitor : Visitors that originate from Google search outcomes have a tendency to ‘bounce’ considerably less than visitors from Facebook, for example. People are in very diverse mindsets when they are in work or play interests. No matter whatever industry it is, you have to frequently spread out to your audience or visitor, by means of the right network. The worth of the true audience can’t be overstated. Use the right keyword. Remember, more the visitor spends at your site the more to be expected they to want to read your site even more. That will slice the bounce rate even more through SEO services.
  • 5. The pages your audience landing on :Blog pages have an amount higher bounce rates than the product or service pages, for example. The powerful landing page will induce a “wow” feedback from your visitors. People always judge the book the by its cover and your website is it layout. As mentioned before having more landing pages is better for reducing the bounce rate. This, in turn, will increase the conversion rate.
  • 6. The design and layout of your website : website. There are many sites that are challenging to navigate, unclear, or look outdated; all these are likely to have greater bounce rates than fresh clean, user-friendly, mobile-friendly websites. If your website is not promising, visitors are more tend to leave your website easily. Landing pages should be easy to navigate which relates to the homepage.
  • 7. Giving an attractive Meta description to the viewers : When the reader enters a keyword into Google search, the word which matches the search results, that term is highlighted in bold, to distinguish it from the rest of the words. This helps the reader to find its search. If the keyword is longer than the standard characters it will pop the correct search on the web pages. This is one of the most underrated causes of high bounce rates. Search engine optimization helps to observe accurate Meta description.
  • 8. The speed and loading time of the website :Consumers expect to load the landing page within few seconds. They will not wait for the page to upload and they will leave the site. Slow-loading websites have high bounce rates and low conversion rates. It’s that simple. Analyzing the speed is an important factor to grow the business and attract more customers.
  • 9. Setting external links to open new windows : Giving an option to open the link in new windows helps the visitors to turn back the previous page. The user feels it fatigue to click on the back button on the page. The customer feels it time-consuming and annoying to keep clicking the back button to come to the previous page. The will increase the bounce rate and eventually lead in exiting your website.
  • 10. Show reliability and improve trust : In a nutshell, you will never purchase from buyers, you don’t trust or are not reliable. It gives the visitor an assurance when they share their personal information on the website. Make your phone, contact number, address and email id visible clearly. The website that throws relevant searches and info has more reliability. Make it very easy for the visitor to contact you. A proper spell check is necessary for the credibility of your website. Avoid unnecessary pop-ups that annoy the visitor.
Every SEO company in Mumbai through Search engine optimization will inevitably explain the bounce rates to the customers.

Dropping the bounce rate, it benefits to boost your conversion rate thereby excelling your business.