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Case Study#

About Client :

JSR Study Abroad provides admission & information regarding higher education in various countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Kirgizstan, Belarus, China, and we provide customized solutions to students aspiring to study overseas.

Challenges :

JSR study group signed deal of website development & pay per click (Google AdWords) services. He wants to rank 1st in Russia, China, Ukraine & many countries via Google AdWords.

PPC Process :

Website development, Keyword research, Google Adwords account setup, Bid strategy, Maximum ROI, Google Search network campaign

Our strategy :

  • We developed basic informative website according to client’s requirement.
  • Then we did website audit and finalize keywords for maximum traffic & ROI.
  • After clients approval on keywords we create AdWords campaign and put keywords & run campaign.
  • We optimized the campaign carefully like bid strategy, manage extensions, set target location, create multiple Ad groups so quality score was above 7.

Results :

After complete optimization Google took 3-4 business hours to show our keywords on different-2 search engines and we were on top position in Google Ads. We track the live campaign and seen client getting good clicks & impressions. Finally, he got conversions and happy with our efforts. Now he is planning to go for SEO package for long term service.

SEO Ranking Result
Keywords Ads position Quality Score
MBBS in russia TOP 8
MBBS in china TOP 8
MBBS in ukraine TOP 7
MBBS in kazakhstan TOP 7
MBBS in Belarus TOP 7
Organic Traffic
Bounce Rate