Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO (Search Engine optimization)?

The Search Engine Optimization is a technique of influencing the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine. Generally, the earlier and more frequently a website appears in the search engine list, the more visitors can drag from the search engine users will result in the conversion of these visitors into customers. The term SEO is different from the term Local SEO. In SEO, the more focus is given on national or international searches rather than local searches.

What is SMO (Search Media optimization)?

The term Search media optimization means the use of a number of communities and outlets to initiate publicity to hike up the awareness of a product, service, event or brand. In brief, SMO refers to optimizing a website and its contents to influence a more audience to use and share links to the site covering social media and networking sites such as Twitter, Video sharing websites, Facebook, blogging, and more.

Why is SEO so important?

In this digital era of technology, it has become indispensable for business to have a robust online presence and to drag this presence, SEO is a technique used to give your website and business a tremendous boost. This tactic wouldn’t only helpful for making your business established but raise your client base as well. That is why SEO has become important for all businesses.

How long does it take to my website “indexed” on the search engines?

There is no hard and fast rule revealed by the engineers about how much time required by a website to index on the search engines. Generally, it takes the time between 4 days to 4 weeks means you have to keep salient up to a month to see where your page will appear on the search engines.

Do you provide any kind of guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee to provide our best efforts to obtain high rankings for your selected website with the major search engines and directories. We guarantee to optimize your website for up to 100 keyword phrases. We guarantee to keep your site on the top page results each month. We guarantee to indulge in all techniques that would hike up your website to a great height within a short span of time. We guarantee to share you all updates about the ranking of your site instantly.

Can I get top rank in single keyword?

Getting a top rank in single keyword is not easy but not impossible. With the growth in the volume of websites, getting high search ranking with a single keyword is a very daunting task. You must have two or three word phrases so that the target audience can likely to use these to search your site. IN other words, your this strategy of single keyword wouldn’t give you 100%, especially if you are a newbie or you have a new website. But you can take a try only after calling SEO and content marketing. Remember that single keyword usually results in the least targeted leads.

I am number 5 in Yahoo, but not in the top 1,000 in Google. Why?

No doubt, Yahoo, and Google are two different web search engines use two different algorithms to come up with their SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages. The term Yahoo prefers on page optimization such as keyword density, H1 Tags, etc. and the term Google prefers off page optimization such as link building, all media marketing, social bookkeeping, etc. In brief, both these web search engines have their own importance like yahoo will provide a high rank while Google is good for dragging more traffic than other search engines. As a part of it, if you are now directing your off page optimization, you require more backlinks and time for these links to age.

Would you be happier to achieve a page 1 listing out of 100,000 results or 100,000,000 results?

The number of pages approaching for a keyword has actually not anything to do with how competitive it's far to get a site ranked for that precise keyword. The level of opposition has the whole lot to do with it. Moreover, the top pages are described by a set of rules that considers many elements, however, the quantity of approaching pages is not one of the elements considered nor ought to or not it's. Assuming the code and the content material does efficiently, the principal motive of how competitive is a selected keyword may be related to links like what number of/how appropriate/how optimized are the hyperlinks that point to the pages that currently occupy the top spots for that keyword.

How long does the optimization process take?

There is no rule of thumb to specify how long does the optimization process take. Generally, it relies upon on the website, we are given to work with and the necessities to reach the pinnacle positions. A 6-page website in a low opposition area will obviously take much less time than a 400 web page website online competing for incredibly aggressive terms. However, the truth is, optimizing a domain does take a huge quantity of time, and seeing effects from the one's modifications takes even longer. An average promotion would take approximately 14 days or 2 weeks for the website optimization, a month or so for link-constructing and up to three months or so that you can attain rankings.

What is blacklisting?

GThe term blacklisting means when search engines refuse to even list your web pages. This term generally happens if you have a poor SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The websites that have a popular META keywords tag that doesn’t actually show in the article are generally likely to be blacklisted. Beside it, more traps that SEO can fall into but these are not easy to know. In other words, a website can be blacklisted in a case of unethical search engine positioning tricks have been used. It is quite possible to come back from the blacklisting while you can go to another domain with a new site.

My competitors are usings spam tactics? Why is it working for them?

It is true that spam tactics in Google’s result are fetching higher ranking because not all spam is without difficulty detected through the primary search engines. Like hackers, each time a procedure gets detected a new procedure is created to bypass this. That said, additionally it is a remember of time earlier than the set of rules could be changed to locate new spam tactics and in addition, websites using spam may be suggested and penalized in my opinion. If you pick out to apply spam tactics to gain ratings there may be a high probability that your website online will subsequently be penalized. Hopefully, in the coming years, powerful steps will be taken to eliminate this barrier.

What is Link popularity?

The term Link Popularity means how many other links point towards a specific website. Generally, it has two different forms, Internal and external. Internal link popularity means the total volume of links to the site from web pages that belong to the specific website. External link popularity means the total volume of links dragged from outside sources that lead back to a specific website. In brief, it is an approach used by many search engines when deciding where to rank websites.

What is keyword analysis?

A keyword analysis can also title as keyword research. It is a technique of uncovering which keyword phrases your vision are believable to use Google or other search engines. It is significant because the search engines are focusing to return relevant outcomes when someone indulges in a search

What is copywriting?

The term copywriting is a process of framing or writing advertizing promotional contents which re responsible or a text on Billboards, Emails, brochures, Magazines, White papers, Taglines, Catalogs, Advertisements, and more. In brief, copywriting is the art and science of writing or speaking words that influence people to take some form of actions.

Do You do Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing?

We do both marketing strategies. Google Adwords is an online marketing service developed by Google to assist marketers to reach their targeted customers promptly. For Example: When someone searches in a Google for a particular term like air tickets, then Google will show you a list of searches expected by you. But if you look at this list closely, you can find that the top and bottom results are generally ads. Your business can be a part of this as well. Yahoo search marketing is similar to Google Adwords or Bing Ads is a pay-per click advertising platform. Here the position of your pay-per-click (PPC) depends on Quality score. We are the best for providing one or both services to out interested customers.

How do I ensure that I stay ahead of my competition when it comes to online visibility?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is not a one-time undertaking. It should be seen as an ongoing strategic business technique in case you want to constantly stay in advance of the competition. To that give up, a part of our consultative system is to assess the strengths, tactics, activities, and weaknesses of your imperative competitors’ websites, and devising suitable techniques for netting advanced visibility of your website. N other words, you no need to worry about this fact. With our veteran team, we are ready to face all challenges.

Do we need to meet in person?

We never deny to meet, but in rare cases, we do our meeting process. We have a big team of employees having the thorough knowledge of all activities expected by our customers. All queries can be over the phone, email or messengers. You no need to come to get the answer to your query. In a case of off days, you can use email or messages on messengers, we will get you back within a short interval of time.

I’m in another country, can you still work for us?

Definitely yes. We have an online business that you can check on our website. You are living in any country, it can’t matter to us. Whatever work will be directed by you, it will become our duty to complete it as per the instructions. Besides it, we have established in Mumbai, Delhi but our wide team has a possibility working throughout the country. Our team has the capacity to handle numerous queries within short intervals. You are always ready to answer our interested customer instantly by using media such as emails. Messengers, and phone calls.